Efficiency - Lower Operating Cost

The lowest cost to operate of any aircraft in its class

With the MRJ, game-changing efficiency comes standard. Thanks to Geared Turbofan™ engine technology and advanced aerodynamics, it costs less to fly. Since it was designed with optimized maintenance and high commonality in mind, it costs less to keep flying, too. Your bottom line is looking up.

Fuel Efficiency

Highest fuel efficiency

The MRJ's new engines, its advanced aerodynamics and high aspect ratio wing all equate to a jet that uses 20% less fuel than comparable commercial jets.


Double-digit maintenance cost reduction

From the outset, building a plane with a higher reliability of systems and components was the priority. The MRJ employs state-of-the-art technologies proven to get the job done. Its Geared Turbofan™ engine architecture requires 30% fewer turbine airfoils than conventional turbofan engines and reduces maintenance time and cost.

Highest Commonality

It runs in the family

The MRJ family was conceived with the highest commonality possible for cost savings and efficiency. Pilots qualified to fly one MRJ can fly them all.

  • Same pilot type rating
  • Same engines
  • Same maintenance program
  • Same spare parts

Range Capability

Going the distance

The MRJ has more than enough range capability to cover any regional network in the world.