Mitsubishi Aircraft News No. 71

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation: Personnel Changes

Nagoya, March 13, 2018 -
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation today announced personnel changes effective from March 31, 2018. Information about directors and officers effective from April 1 is on page 2.

Effective Date Name Current Position Name
Mar. 31 Retired Senior Vice President, Head of Office of Aviation Regulatory Affairs Kenichi Inukai
Mar. 31 Head of Customer Support Division Senior Vice President Head of Customer Support Division Naoki Futatsudera
Mar. 31 Senior Chief Engineer Senior Vice President Senior Chief Engineer Yasuhiko Kawaguchi


Directors and Officers as of April 1, 2018

Position Name Company
President (R) Hisakazu Mizutani  
Senior Vice President Yuichi Shinohara CEO
Assistant to President
Senior Executive Vice President Nobuo Kishi Assistant to President on Development and Engineering
Head of Flight Safety Management Office
Senior Vice President Kanji Ito Assistant to President
In charge of sales and marketing
Statutory Auditor (full time) Hiroyuki Nakamura  

*(R) mark indicates the individual functions in the capacity of a representative of the company

<Part-time Directors and Officers>

Position Name Company
Director Hiroaki Yamamoto Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Director Hiroshi Nakanishi Mitsubishi Corporation
Statutory Auditor Toshinobu Shinohara Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Statutory Auditor Taiji Morisawa Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co.