Enhanced Passenger Experience

Putting space between the MRJ and everything else in its class

Passenger preference is a primary driver of revenue, so we designed the MRJ accordingly. By taking the cargo hold out of the belly, we were able to significantly increase passenger space. Larger in every dimension, it's aesthetically pleasing, too. Once your passengers have flown an MRJ, nothing else will measure up.

Spacious Cabin

Greater comfort and space

From the moment you board, you notice a cabin that doesn't feel at all like a regional jet. Class-leading height and width contribute to the bright and airy surroundings. Slim-seat design increases legroom without compromising comfort while the widest economy-class seats and larger overhead bins complete the package for a big-jet feel.

The most comfortable economy class in the sky

  • No middle seat, ever
  • Widest economy seat available
  • Tallest cabin
  • Larger overhead bins
  • Dual class capability in 2/1 layout

No Middle Seat

Less is more

There are two types of jet passengers – those who prefer aisle seats and those who prefer window seats. No one ever chooses the middle, so we chose not to build one. The result is the most comfortable cabin of any single-aisle aircraft flying – regional or not. The advantages of not having a middle seat add up to more space all around.

A Better Window Seat

More elbowroom

More arm room, shoulder room, legroom and head room, too. Wider seats in the MRJ's airy cabin offer the most generous window seat space in its class. Which means your passengers can stretch out in any direction they choose, regardless of their seat assignment.

Larger Overhead Bins

If it flies, it fits

The MRJ's overhead bins can accommodate the maximum-sized carry-on bags currently allowed by airlines—something your passengers will appreciate.


The right light makes a big difference

The height of the MRJ's cabin is emphasized through a space enhanced ceiling that integrates LED lighting. LEDs are used throughout to reduce energy and maintenance costs.